Toronto Free Gallery (TFG) is a not-for-profit art space dedicated to providing a forum for social justice, cultural, environmental and sustainability issues expressed through all media.  TFG is intended to be a creative laboratory.  We aim to provide artists with a space to experiment, explore new ideas, question norms and challenge both themselves and their audiences.

TFG occupies a distinct role within the city’s cultural ecology.  We are the only gallery in Toronto whose programmes consistently highlight and offer creative responses to urgent social issues such as sustainability within urban and suburban areas, gentrification, environmental issues, human rights and equality, and how the role of arts and culture can play in fostering community engagement and change. We are also unique in Toronto by consistently fostering collaboration between creative communities through exhibitions and events that include visual artists, architects, activists, film-makers, performance artists, writers, architects, urban planners/geographers, ecologists, front-line workers and academics, to name a few.

Founder & Executive Director
Heather Haynes

Program Assistant
Dana Seguin

For Booking Inquiries
Peter Pasyk

Board of Directors
Paul Couillard, Greig de Peuter, Sameer Farooq, Luis Jacob, Saul Garcia Lopez, Amber Landgraff, Nahed Mansour and Peter Paysyk.

Past Board Members
Arturo Perez Torres, Ken Thompson, Matt Blackett,  Anthea Foyer, Brenda Goldstein and Lex Vaughn

Past Volunteers

Samantha Crowhurst, Rob Gill, Leah Glushin, Alison Turner, Tej Ajji, Joel Herman, Denise Ing, Lindsey Coup, Aaron Cain, Danielle Benton and Helena Reckitt

How We Program

All of our exhibitions are based on a theme that covers social justice, cultural, sustainability or environmental issues.

For the majority of our exhibitions we send out a call for proposals inviting artists to submit a proposal. The proposals are juried by either a group comprised of people who work within the relevant theme or by the curator.

Toronto Free Gallery is meant to be a testing ground for new ideas and a place for artists and activists to create affinities. We are therefore, always open to project proposals such as, curated exhibitions, panel discussions, projection nights, poetry readings…. The list goes on. If you are interested in proposing an event please contact Heather Haynes before sending in your submission.

We receive a great deal of unsolicited proposals and portfolios of work. We ask that before you send your work, please review our website to be sure that your proposal fits with our mandate. We do review all submissions however because of the amount of work that we receive we are not always able to reply to everyone right away. Please be patient.